Saturday, September 5, 2009

Boot Print Volume 3 / Issue 1

Boot Print Volume 3 Issue 1 begins as usual with the Boots shows. First comes Turkish artist, Serkan Ozkaya with his breath taking installation entitled A Sudden Gust of Wind by Liz Wolfson; followed by Slinger II curated by Cole Root and discussed by Juan William Chávez.

Then Boot Print pays tribute to Ernest Trova, Tom Friedman and Larry Krone - St. Louis' finest established artists interviewed by three emerging artists based in the city namely Matt Strauss, Juan William Chávez and Brandon Anschultz.

This issue’s Study Section focuses on groups, collectives and collaboratives that are space-free. The key notion here is the camaraderie among a creative group of individuals working under an umbrella name. Whether artists, curators or activists, they make it happen. Boot Print is proud to present: The Guerrilla Girls by Virginia MacKenny; Temporary Services by Tim Ridlen; What, How and for Whom by Danyel M. Ferrari; Raqs Media Collective by Ashok Mathur; Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries by Kelly Shindler; and Avant Car GuardDoing It For Daddy andGalerie Puta by Robert Sloon.

And finally, Georgia Kotretsos talks to the creators of Magazine Forte - a sound magazine, which is about to commence in September 2009 from New York City and to Pablo Helguera about Artoons - his latest book of art related cartoons.

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